Thursday, February 3, 2011

A new love!

Something i'm sure you've figured out is that I am not your clean eating-organic-no chemical lady. I love a good chemical. I love soda. I love caffeine. I love processed anything. I feel lost and judged at whole foods. Once I asked for splenda...not a good idea. It was as if I had asked for crack. Ha. With all of that said, I have fallen in love with something that IS clean and organic and so so yummy. Amy's meals. Amy's brand is an organic brand that is dedicated to makeing healthy, hearty and DELICIOUS foods. I have been loving these meals for a while, but they are ususally pretty high in points. Like 9 or 10. Which is high for lunch...BUT, they just came out with these new light and lean meals. The one above is amazing. All of the light and lean meals have been 6 points and have been amazing. I have also had the bean and cheese enchilada meal as well as the spinach lasagna. So good. One negitive is, at Randalls (which is always more expensive) ,they were $5.99 EACH! Ahhh! So hopefully they will come down in price soon! It is foods like this that make eating clean easier.
I had an amazing run yesterday and am feeling so happy to be back into running. I am still planning on doing the Capitol 10k. I am so excited for this race and hope that it starts me with a love affair with running. It is so amazing to meet a goal that seems so crazy to try to meet! But I am excited! I feel like I am back on track and am excited for my weigh in on sunday. Hopefully I wont have the melt down I had last week :). Love you all!

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  1. I love Amy's! They seem like the only frozen food that is actually satisfying! I love the black bean tamale meal--not at all like your average tamale. so good!