Tuesday, February 1, 2011

yummy apple muffins!

Well, last night I tried out a new WW recipe. Two of Andrew's best friends came over to watch the Longhorns vs Aggie basketball game and while they were there I felt it was the perfect time to try out a new recipe. I saw on the WW website a recipe for glazed ginger pear muffins. Well, I took that recipe and made glazed Cinnamon apple muffins :). These sweet treats are only 4 WW points plus and are amazing warmed up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Apple pie a la mode - weight watchers style. As you can see the in the above pictures, Adam and John thought they smelled great, then they tasted them and then they gave their approval :). It passed the boy test. I am having girls over tonight and will be serving these treats with coffee for our dessert. Pics to come tomorrow.

I want to thank all of you for your awesome comments yesterday. I feel so much better knowing I have so much support. I also feel so much better since I can work out! I felt great on my run yesterday. And I planned on getting up and shredding with Jillian-but my back is still a little sore. Since I don't want to re- injure, I still got up this morning, I just stretched and did yoga and abs. I know its good that I at least did something. I am pondering going to zumba tomorrow night. I've never been before -but i know I am pretty good at shaking my tail feathers. Ha. I'll let you know. I hope everyone stays warm. I'm in my uggs and burberry scarf today. Kinda looking amazing if I do say so myself.

I'll post the recipe for the muffins later this week! Promise!


  1. yumm those sound so good! Are you doing WW? I know you did a while ago. I am considering re-joining. And as for Zumba, I ABSOLUTELY recommend it! It is pretty much my favorite thing. You totally look silly doing it, but it is so fun. (And when did that ever stop us from doing anything fun?) And it really is an awesome workout, too. You will be exhausted by the end. And as you get better at the moves, it becomes even better of a work out. I hope you try it!

  2. I found your link through the page or a page of a follower, but I think what you are doing is awesome and I wanted to give you an "atta boy." It is hard to stick to convictions and even harder to be full frontal about it to the world.

    A word of advice on the hurt back. My husband and I would be considered active skinny people. However, we abused ourselves quite a bit in our late teens and early twenties being these active skinny people and many times we just plain hurt so we aren't as fit as we should be. We have recently started nightly (or at least 4 times a week) rub downs. Rereading that sounds way more sexual than it is... What I mean is that my left shoulder is all screwed up and his quads and thighs get so tight they cause him major back issues (I don't know how but after a year of chiropractor and lots of inability to move that is what they told him). So every night we brutalize the other person by rubbing down those trouble areas rather hard. It is fabulous marriage counseling :) It really, really helps the hurt areas as well.

    Good luck!

  3. Did you ever post this recipe? Maybe I'm just blog-challenged...