Monday, January 31, 2011

new day.

Well, Its monday. And I am sad to see the weekend leave with it's glorious weather. But hopefully this will be close to the last dose of winter we have for a while!

I have a few updates...

1. I have been wanting to try butternut squash fries. Sadly, they don't sell these frozen at the store. SO, I purchased my very first butternut squash. My husband was disgusted by it from the start. I love and she has a recipe for these things. The thing that is awesome about them is they are ZERO points plus on WW. So, I really wanted to try to make them. Yesterday I set out on this quest. First off, a butternut squash is not easy to cut up or peel. Honestly, I broke a sweat just doing that. I don't have the best knives and so that makes it even more difficult. But if anyone has any tips for cutting a BNS (butternut squash...its too long to keep writing.)- let me know! After peeling it, I decided to leave half of it whole and cook it in the microwave and to chop the other half for fries. They looked like orange slices. Then I sprinkled them with sea salt and some paprika and put them in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes and then after that flipped them and let them go another 20 minutes. The above picture is how they came out. They were really ugly. Andrew thought I had burnt orange slices. They were soft and mushy, but also, kinda burnt. Truthfully, they tasted ok-but were not what I was expecting. Just look at Hungry girls pic and then you will understand how sad I was...
I will probably try again. But they looked yucky and were a LOT more work then what they were worth!

Update 2.
I went to weight watchers yesterday and had gained. I knew I had. I was up 2.4 lbs. It was so sad and frustrating for me. And, now they have the scale where you can see your number-meaning so can the people around you and I noticed a lady next to me looking at my number and she kinda shook her head. She was skinny and was a lifetime member. I wanted to punch her. I didn't. I didn't even want to go to the meeting, but I did and I'm glad I did. It was on setbacks. Of course. Our leader talked about how to handle setbacks. She talked about what our anchor is. She was saying our anchor cannot be the scale. Although our goal is shown on the scale, sometimes the scale might or might not reflect our hard work. All depending on all kinds of things- water retention, if you ate that day, hormones, exercise, even the clothes you wear. She talked about how our anchor has to be something else. For me, If I don't lose another ounce, I am still going to pursue health because It makes me feel better. I am more confident when I am living a healthy and active life style. I am more relaxed when I am living a healthy and active life style. I sleep better, I am in a better mood, I have less stress and anxiety. All of these things have to be our anchor for this life style choice. Not the scale. We cannot let that number determine our failures and success. She talked about letting this week be a new week. So it is. I'm not beating myself up. I'm just starting new today. I got up and ran and then had a great healthy breakfast and feel so great today. New day. New beginning. New grace.


  1. #1. i understand your difficulty with cutting a squash. I recently tried spaghetti squash the other day and it was IMPOSSIBLE to cut. even with good knives. it took me about 20 minutes even after i had microwaved it to "soften the skin." BUT, i will say, you HAVE to try spaghetti squash if you haven't already. I made this great homemade marinara spaghetti sauce from the BL cookbook (I saw that you are a fan. good show.) and had it with the spaghetti squash. Even Stephen ate it! It was really delicious by itself too!

    #2. I am encouraged to read your blog. You are so faithful and honest. It's so great to get to read the thoughts of such a genuine, humble woman of God. You are inspiring. Love you whit!

  2. You are inspiring Whit! You are right, don't trust the scale. You are awesome, don't be discouraged. We love you!

  3. Keep on keepin' on, Whitney! Being healthy is the best.

  4. Whit, I am so proud of you for going. I am too chicken to go my WW meeting when I know that I have gained. Don't let that skinny lifetime member get you down. She of all people should know that nobody's perfect. The road to weight loss and personal health is full of ups and down. Maybe she was shaking her head at herself because she had gained, too. Or maybe she passed gas in public and just started shaking her head because she was embarrassed and didn't know what else to do! It happens... You are full of grace and I love you friend! P.S. - I went back to the gym today and worked out since the accident. I felt brave :)

  5. I am trying your Mexican Pot Roast on this cold, snowy day. Can't wait to eat it tonight! Jill Hill

  6. I'll punch her for you, Whitney, no rules against that... :)

  7. way to go whit, making your own! I love munching on sweet potato fries that I make at home. When you make it your self it really does make you know what you are putting into your body!!! keep it up girl...