Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy saturday!

So as I wrote yesterday, I am taking 24 hours "off" my detox. So i'm allowing some of those foods back in my diet for the weekend. I know this is probably so against what I'm supposed to do, but I'm doing it for me. To help me feel not deprived. I was worried about eating out and we ended up going to a wonderful Austin cafe last night, Kerby Lane. Now Kerby Lane has some of my favorite food in the world. Specifically, Kerby queso and pumpkin pancakes. (Not together, although I probably would have no problem eating it :). But last night with Andrew's help we both did great! I got Chicken and black bean tacos on wheat tortillas-with no cheese and a side of guac. it was pretty much on my detox plan outside of the tortillas. I also had 1 glass of red wine....ahhhh. It was well deserved!
My plan for today is to clean my house. I think starting new eating habits should be a platform for new changes in my life. Including having a clean house! So I'm excited for that as well as hanging out with my girl, Jillian! I'm going to shred today! boo-ya!
I have no idea where we are headed for dinner...We have some dear friends in town, so I am going to have to roll with the punches and make good choices! Pray for me :)
I hope you guys have a great and wonderful saturday!
P.S. Love that A&M lost. Giggle.

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  1. I love Jillian! My fave workout right now, however, is Bob's Biggest Loser Yoga. It's amazing and I'm shakey and sweaty when it's done. I just ordered Jillian's Yoga, so we'll see how they compare! Good work Whit! You are inspiring me! :)