Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new beginning!

Dear Friends,
As it is the beginning of a new year, it is also a beginning of a healthy Whitney! As many of you know, I have battled a weight issue for most of my life. I found success during college when I joined weight watchers and slowly started to see the weight melt off. Though I never got to my goal weight, I did lose 50 lbs and looked pretty thin for me :). Well, since I got married in August of 2007, i have gained back all but 10 of the lbs I lost. I have slowly slipped into terrible eating habits and have allowed myself to spiral out of control...and I'm done. I am done with being unhealthy and abusing my body. I know God calls our body a temple and my temple is in need of a better care taker. So, 2011 is my year. I'm doing this. I called this blog "2 lbs a week" because I really would like to lose 100 lbs. I realize that sounds drastic, but if I were to lose 100 lbs, I would be at my ideal weight for my height. I do, however, know that I might not need to lose that much. So it's goal I have set, but can leave open and change it. Honestly, any loss will be a victory for me. I invite you join me on my journey and follow me!
Here is my action plan:
1. I am already a member of weight watchers, but I am going to follow their Points Plus program and attend weekly meetings for accountability and to track my weight.
2. I am starting this journey with a detox. Its not a psycho one, but is a healthy way for me to jump start my journey. It's from the magazine Whole living and is a 4 week detox ( Week 1 is the most intense-No caffeine, no alcohol, no carbs, no gluten, no peanuts, no dairy. I am modifying it a bit, mostly because my local HEB doesn't have millet...whatever millet is. So i am doing some substitutes. I'll post my menu and let you see what i'm eating!
3. Exercise. I have always been fairly active. I like to exercise and am pretty athletic. I am going to make it my goal to exercise 5 days a week. I need change to keep me from getting bored, so I am going to try to do different things. I 'll keep you posted on that adventure as well.
4. Pray-I believe this is glorifying God by allowing him to fully have my body and mind. I want to daily spend time with Him to be able to center myself and seek him in all I do. To trust him when things are hard and seek whole health-body, mind and spirit.
I encourage you to join me in this journey! 2 lbs a week! Here we go!


  1. Ok, I am so glad you are doing this blog because I am on the same mission!! Since I started law school, I have gained around 20 pounds. I eat terribly and do not exercise. Real healthy, I know... It is going to help me keep motivaed to read your blog and know you are doing the same thing! Love you Whit!!

  2. Please forgive me for the comments I'm about to leave on your past blogs. I hope it does not annoy you to back-track and read them.

    I think this blog is great! I started a similar thing at the begining of the year for my and my friends who are trying to lose weight and be healthy. I call it our "e-mail accountability group". There are 7 of us who e-mail our updates back and forth, all with different goals. Since starting it 6 weeks ago I've lost 8 pounds, thanks mainly to knowing that I have to report all my bad habits to them. I'm so glad that Becca shared this with me - it's just more motivation for me, and you can never have enough quality motivation in your life!