Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mid course change

Happy Sunday!
I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. We have had glorious weather here in the ATX so I have LOVED our weekend! It has felt like spring and we have had our doors and windows open, heater off and been basking in spring. I know it is all a mean joke though...apparently very cold weather is headed our way this week :(. Its ok. Spring will be here soon enough!

Today Andrew and I went to Westlake Hills Pres for worship. One of our youth kids was in town with her wonderful choir from Baylor. They were singing in the late service, so we wandered over to westlake. Its crazy to think that a year ago tomorrow was my last day of work there. I really love going back there. It feels like home and is so wonderful to see so many friendly faces. The pastor there is one of my favorite pastors ever. He is really genuine and honest. His name is Peter Barnes and he is just an all around genuine and good man. He also is a good preacher. Today he taught about "Mid-course changes". He got the title from apollo 13 when they had a problem and ended up having to abandon their mission. They got off course from the problem that happened on board, so they had to make a mid course change. He compared their change to the life of the apostle paul. That he had a major mid course change. He was a hateful man who killed christians. God got hold of him and Paul's life dramatically changed. Peter challenged us to take a look at our course-our direction- and see where it is we are headed. Do we need a mid course change? He pointed out that God walks us through these changes. For me, I see that I need a change. I'm headed that way-by taking control of my eating habits and pursuing health. But I know that the tools to pull this change off are all in the hands of the Lord- to walk me through this. I just really loved Peter Barns' picture he painted. We may feel like we are where apollo 13 was. On the wrong side of the moon, off course, with certian death upon re-entry. But they made the changes, got back on course and made it home. I keep praying for Gods grace as I pursue a mid course change.
Im headed to Weight watchers. Not excited at all. Since I did'nt exercise at all this week, I know I'm going to be up. But today is a new day-and my back feels so much better...So new week. Mid course change.

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