Friday, January 28, 2011

poor prister....

So I thought I had a bad day on wednesday. Well, not near as bad as one of my best friends in life, Priscilla. Pris and I have been best friends since high school. She and her husband live in Nebraska and she accidentally drove her car into her gym this week. Thankfully everyone was okay...even her car. :). But I just want to point out something I so love about Priscilla-she just doesn't take herself too seriously. She shared her story and even this amazing picture on facebook. It made me laugh so hard and love her so much. She was willing to lay down her pride and show that we all sometimes do stupid things. Honestly, this could have totally been me and that is why I am able to so identify with pris. Love you, Pumpkin! Glad you are okay! Oh, and her nick name is "prister" to my family because in high school she had surgery on her wrist and when she came over one time after my dad said, "hey prister! Hows the wrister?" and it just stuck. Ha. love it.

Now, I want to share something I struggle with and see if anyone else has this problem and how you handle it. Here goes- I struggle with WAY over-snacking at night. About 9pm I get so snacky. Usually by this time I have had a great dinner and even dessert. So I should be DONE but for some reason I always find myself in front of the TV with a snack. It's not like Im eating hot dogs or fries or pizza...Its usually something "light" whether is popcorn, hummus and crackers, baked chips, light cheese its-whatever. Its something salty and I dont need it. I ate 41 points yesterday- and it wasn't even that I really treated myself. I just over ate healthy things. How do I avoid this? Help!
Thanks friends! Looking forward to your helpful hints!
Happy friday and I love you, Priscilla!

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  1. Oh, how sad for your friend! Glad no one was hurt! :) I get the snacky's BAD at night. It's even worse if I've had flour or sugar. I"ve taken to crocheting at night when I'm watching TV so that my hands are so busy I can't snack. It's definately helped. ;)

    Also, my friend Jessica just wrote this post, and I thought you would like it.