Friday, January 14, 2011


So I am super excited for this weekend! Not only is it a 3 day weekend, but I have a fun event I'm headed to! As I wrote in my thursday post, I attend a camp every summer in South Padre Island. It is a Christian camp and it is called Fun in the Son or FITS. I started going to fun in the son in 1997. Since then I have attended every year but one. I started out going as a camper, then as work crew, then as a leader, then as a church staff member and now I am on the camp planning team. I have loved every aspect of this camp for as long as I can remember. It is so great because it just isn't your typical church camp (obviously, if it's in south padre, right?). It's really geared toward the non-christian student. The motivation is to share the gospel with these high school students and do it in their environment. The days consist of morning meetings and evening meetings with hours of playing sports on the beach and swimming in the gulf (woof!) during the afternoon. I love this camp because:
1. My husband met Jesus there when he was a junior in high school. What is so cool is we were there at the same time and had no clue who the other one was!
2. My brother and I have a special bond over that camp. The top is a pic of me and my brother, Chris. My first year I went, I really was too young to go. No one my age went and it was all around a rough year. I remember all the girls from our group stayed in a condo and they made me sleep alone on the pull out couch in the living room. Now in my mind, I thought it was because they thought I was so awesome that no one wanted to hog me and have me in their room, so I had my own palace in the living room. But realistically, I was a smelly chubby talky child that was sent to sleep alone. Ha ha! Anyway, as we were walking to covention center one night, I was looking hot in my winnie the pooh dress and covered in body glitter, and overheard some older girls talking about how annoying I was. This devastated me. I literally cried for hours. Well, my brother, who is 5 years older then me and was in college, was there on work crew and came over to our group each night to lead worship for family time. That night he clearly saw how upset I still was and in the middle of worship wrapped his arms around me and held me and told me he loved me and thought I was cool. This obviously had quite an impact on me! Every year after that if we both happened to be at FITS, we made sure to get some time alone and pray for each other and our parents and I typically cried. This past year was really cool because I was there on planning team and Chris brought his wife and their baby and was camp doctor. It was amazing to see how God has impacted our lives through fits.
3. So many of mine and my husband's bff's are a part of fits. From Matt Mitchell to Rob McClellend-So many people that have had a huge impact on my life and I love so so much are there each year.
So, this sunday and monday is our FITS Padre planning team meeting. I love this meeting each year. I love talking about camp. I love praying for camp. I love planning camp. I cannot wait to see some of my best friends and spend time planning a week of a lifetime for high school students. I think it's important to be a part of something you really love. Thats why I do this. Because I love it and my life is dramatically different because of how God moves there. And it all happens in freaking south padre! Now that is IRONIC!
I know I will have lots of opportunities to "celebrate" while I'm there. Please pray for wisdom and freedom. Pray that I seek to find my freedom and satisfaction in the Lord.
i won't post until tuesday, Probably. So look for something then! Love you guys!
here is a link to find out more about fun in the son!
Live in the light!

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