Thursday, January 20, 2011

nothing can hold this food addict down!

So yesterday I was super sick. The above picture pretty much is what i looked like most of the day...I woke up with my nose so stopped up that literally I could not breathe. No way, no how. I boiled water in a pot hoping the steam would open me up some and it did. Enough for me to go to work. While at work, I decided to get out and about with the girls (they are dropping their morning naps and so I am doing everything to keep them awake in the morning!). While we were out my nose began to run in a way I have never experienced. It literally felt like my nose was crying....and I felt like my head was in a bucket. After our errands, i put them down for their nap and called their mom and told her I had to go to the dr. Good thing I did. I have sinusitis and double ear infections plus horrid cedar allergies. I thought only kids got ear infections...apparently not. So I am taking today off to get better. I always call myself a stay at home mom that gets paid...but real stay at home moms dont get sick days. So to all of you moms, I am thankful for you and so not ready to be you. I like sick days...
A plus to being stopped up was I couldnt really taste I hadnt really eaten much yesterday, which led me to eat a lot last night...obviously. Even not tasting food can't keep this food addict from doing her thing. I found myself feeling like I "deserved" a treat since I was sick. Really I think I was letting myself be comforted by food. No, I didn't go buy doughnut holes...I ate my mushroom chili-but too much of it. I can see why it is so important to not let yourself get starving. Becuase you end up eating 2 bowls (huge bowls) of chili. I felt out of control-and i dont like that. But I am so thankful I recognize that.

It was amazing to have Chuck Neder share what he was learning with us over our meeting in Dallas last weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the scripture he used and now I cant find it. I have sent out emails to get that info and hopefully I can get that up tomorrow. Sorry it's taken so long!

I don't really know what my meal plan is today. The allergy meds he gave me can maybe make your appetite go away for a bit. Im sure it will make me starving-but we'll see. Im so glad for my day of rest. Needing it.

May you find rest today!

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