Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 day weekends...

I LOVE when Monday is a holiday. If only every week began with Tuesday. I would be so happy all the time!
I have missed blogging, but I just didn't have time while I was in Dallas planning Fun in the Son. It was such whirl wind weekend! But was really fun and so so great to see so many friends! Here are a few highlights:
1. I got into Dallas-Love early so I stopped at a bar to get a bloody mary. I love tabasco and olives and salt,so a bloody mary is a delicious treat for me.(and only 4 points plus on WW)..I sat down, ordered, and then when the bartender told me it would be $7.50- this old man next to me said, "Don't worry, I got it." I looked up and low and behold, IT WAS WILLIE NELSON. I said, " you...you..." and he said, "Yes, I am Willie Nelson." Then he turned and looked at the football game on TV and said, " Can you believe those guys are playing football in the snow?" He then finished his martini and went to catch his flight. It was a pretty cool experience!
2. Every year we have our annual planning team meeting and we always go to a nice dinner. This year we went to steak house that was wonderful. I had planned for the fancy meal, so had not eaten much so I had plenty of points, should I choose to spend them. I ordered grilled salmon, asparagus and mashed potatoes. I hate half of it and it was so so good. I also ordered dessert, but literally only had 2 bites. It was a victory and I didn't at all feel deprived or out of control. The best part of the night was catching up with old friends.
3. We also went to a dallas staple (i guess?) called Snuffers. Apparently Sunffers is famous for their cheese fries. Now I can pass on steak, I can pass on dessert, but salty cheese goodness is very difficult. I made the decision I was going to eat them, but not lose control. I filled up my small plate and had some. They were amazing. But I was so so proud of myself for not losing it. I enjoyed the fare and then moved on. I had the power. The food didn't. I also ordered a grilled chicken breast and green beans for my actual lunch. That's one thing I love about Weight Watchers. It allows for cheese fries...just in moderation. I felt Gods grace all over me.
4. I weighed in sunday before I left and I lost 2 lbs. So that puts me at 5! Boo-ya!

I learned some pretty cool things this weekend from Chuck Neder. He is in charge of all the YCM camps and is a beacon of wisdom. I will share those things with you guys tomorrow!

I also have some new recipe's I'm excited to share this week!

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