Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sweet girls.

Isabel rocking her sun glasses

Caitlin all bundled up and ready for the cold!

Isabel and Caitlin with their first pig tails! So so cute!

I have not written much about the girls I watch, so I decided to dedicate part of today's post to them. Caitlin and Isabel are the 17 month old girls I have kept since September. They are identical twins and are hilarious. I never would have imagined I would be a nanny, but it has been such a great experience. I am amazed at child development and am so thankful for the amazing experience I have gained that I know will be so valuable when we have our own little Bells!
I love this job because it is SO life giving. I feel like it is so important to do something that brings life. For me, when I walk in everyday and their little faces greet me and say "hi!" I am overjoyed. Don't get me wrong, this is no glamour job. I have seen some nasty things and have stopped myself multiple times to think, "Is this really my job?"-but I love what I do and love these little ladies.
I hosted a Bible study at my house last night. I provided the Cinnamon apple muffins, but no one ate them. They had all gone to eat before hand, so they were full. Andrew was glad to have them all left over and we both had our own "apple pie and ice cream" after :). Our Bible study has been doing a study over the book of Philippians. It is a Matt Chandler video series. Matt Chandler is lead pastor at The Village Church in Dallas. He is probably my favorite speaker/preacher ever. I listen to his sermons via podcast every week. Last night was the last video of the series and it was SO good. He was going over the last verses in Philippians 4.
Philippians 4:11 is really what stuck out to me- " I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Matt went on to talk about contentedness. He talked about how we have the world at our fingertips today-we can talk to anyone anywhere at anytime. We can see anything anywhere at anytime. We can experience, learn, live anything. Yet so many of us are depressed, bored, and feel completely alone and with out purpose. He went on to say that our circumstances don't necessarily dictate our contentedness. It made me think about hearing so many married couples talk about some of their favorite memories of their marriage were the first years when they were poor and living in a small house. I think this goes to show that our contentedness happens with simplicity. For me, I believe simplicity is a great way to strive to live my life. Just a thought.
I got up this morning and went to the gym. It was pretty chilly outside, so I enjoyed the sweat in the warm gym! I have some errands to run after work, so I am probably going to skip zumba this week, but I am going to try next week. I have diligently been stretching and heating my back and it feels so much better. But I have really enjoyed my stretching (I'm talking 30 minutes of it every evening after a hot bath!). Hopefully this will keep me injury free!
Love you guys! Thanks again for your encouragement!

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