Friday, March 4, 2011

feelin' good!

Hi friends! I am so excited for a healthy, non flu weekend! I have fun plans and can't wait for them! But first, I went to Weight Watchers today and.....DOWN 2.6! Yay! That is so exciting and I am so pumped for losses in a row and after focus! But, I will say, that most of the weight loss came from the flu. Apparently flu makes you not really want to eat. And I didn't eat much. But, I also made really good choices when I did eat. I am person that if I am sick, I look for a reason to cheat. I feel comforted by food and like I deserve a treat if I'm sick. And my treat just happened to be sugar free popsicles this week :). So I feel good. My hope is to keep on going with losing and maintaining good habits. I feel like I have flipped the switch. I feel like I have focus and drive. So we shall see how it goes!
I wanted to let you guys know about my decision on what to do for lent this year. For those of you that don't know, Lent is the period of time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. Usually about 40 days. Traditionally, people choose to give something up, a habit, a favorite food-something like that. The purpose is to remove something like this so that when you miss it or want it, you think about the Lord, and His beautiful sacrifice on our behalf. I don't always do lent. It usually is only if I feel the Lord leading me to something. In the past I have given up caffeine, fried foods, wine, etc. But this year, I really feel led to give up all alcohol for lent. This is really going to be hard for me. But I have felt the Lord lead me to that and as I prayed, I kept feeling it. So that is my choice. I think it will really benefit me both physically and spiritually. I tend to waste lots of calories on alcohol. It is just empty calories that have become a part of my social life. I also tend to want a drink when I've had a rough week or a rough day...And I think this is going to push me toward Jesus even more. So come next wednesday, no alcohol for 40 days...I will keep you posted on how I do!
Headed to Z-Tejas for dinner tonight and then to the in-laws house tomorrow night for a cook out! Should be fun!

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