Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sick sick sick

Hi friends!
Well, I am typing this blog while I have the flu and am the sickest I can remember being in a LONG time. So if things don't make sense, it is because I am not in my right mind!
I wanted to tell you guys about my amazing weekend. It was focus weekend at Westlake Hills Pres here in Austin. Focus is basically a disciple now type weekend. There were close to 300 students from 6th-12th grades and they are split into groups and put into homes of church members with one or 2 college aged leaders for a weekend of fun and fellowship. For the past 4 years, I was in charge of focus-or on the planning side of it. This is first year I got to just show up and lead students. I had the seniors with 2 other boy leaders. We had 25 students in our house and it was so stinking fun. It reminded me how much I love students and ministry. I had some amazing talks and sessions with these students and saw the Lord move in their lives- and got the flu. haha.
I had shared last week how I was nervous because focus is always a food-tastic weekend full of queso, pizza, candy, doughnuts and more. But i prepped myself for the weekend and I did really well food wise. I took my fave hummus and baby carrots and when the snacks came out, I snacked on that. I also decided to let myself have 1 splurge-I had to pick very carefully, but decided to let myself have some of the chick-fil-a that was delivered to us. I had 6 nuggets and 2 strips and it was amazing. But other than that, I stayed on path and feel great about that. I also think I should have a good week over all because my throat hurts so bad, i'm not super interested in eating....which is a first!
Please pray for healing for me as well as for grace with my employers. It really is hard when your nanny has the flu. I almost want to go back to work soon to help them out, but i know it doesnt do anyone any good for me to go before i'm better and end up getting my sweet girls sick. Pray for wisdom and healing!
Love to you all!

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