Wednesday, March 16, 2011

thoughts on Jennifer

Hi Blog friends,
Well, I have a little update on my friend, Jennifer. Its not good news...She has a stage 4 Glioblastoma. Which means it is the meanest ugliest kind of brain tumor possible. They have had some really hard decisions to make...I'll let you know once these things become public. But lets just say its been excruciating for this family. The great news is Jennifer feels fine. Literally she has no pain. My mom helped give her lunch today and said Jen ate a ton. Which is really good for her to have a big appetite. Some of you might be wondering why this is such a big deal to me. Jennifer and I aren't bff's, I don't talk to her regularly or anything...but here is why. Since I have been alive, Jennifer and her family have been a strong presence in my life...From the Westminster family retreat in like 1988- I remember Jennifer, Erin Cunningham, Lindsay Fegan, Audrey Terrel and me all dancing together at the sock hop there. I remember Jennifer being at the first play I was in the 3rd grade at trinity. She worked there and we have a picture of us from that day. I have countless of memories of Jennifer, my mom and me going to lunch and a movie when school got out for Christmas or for the summer. I remember when we went to kids camp and Jen came and shared to her testimony of God saving her-after, we played DC talk and she really shook her tail feathers! That girl can groove! I have lots of fun memories from Thanksgivings with the Jones family, and my favorite is seeing Jen on stage at Westminster play that tambourine with Matt Holtzman next to her. She was so authentic in her worship. But mostly hearing her say, " Hi my whit!". I'm HER Whit! Haha. She is just such a strong part of my roots. Its therapeutic for me to be able to write all of this. She is so young, yet has made such an impact on not only my life, but countless lives. I have NO IDEA what the future holds-even how long her future may be. But i know that in everything she does, she points people to Jesus. She has pointed me to Jesus. And I can only imagine what the party will look like in heaven when she runs through those gates. No limp, no leg braces, no right hand issues-and jumps into to Christ's arms and says, "Hi MY Jesus." THAT will be a good day, whenever it is-and we can rejoice in that.

For more on her journey and how to pray with the family, Please see her caring bridge journal

Also, I will write about this more, but I blogged a few weeks ago about my friend, Karisse. Well she just got news of more cancer. A nodule in her leg and in her breast. For more info on her here is a link to her blog Please life her up as well.

Lots of love....


  1. Memories of Jennifer always include a smile, on her face and on mine. She is such a blessing to us all! Cancer is evil, but God is so great...He knows what He is doing. :)

  2. Heartbreaking and yet so clear that God is at work in her life. Her smile has been an integral part of my growing up as well. But, what a prayer answered that she is in no pain.