Thursday, March 10, 2011

pray, please.

Hi blog friends!
I know its been a while since I really did a blog about my weight loss journey. I will update you on that soon, but for now I want to ask for your prayers. A dear family friend of ours-named Jennifer-is very sick and needs healing very quickly. Jennifer is in her 30's and lives in lubbock. Many of you probably know her. Her parents are basically some of my parents best friends. They go to church together, my dad and her dad teach sunday school together. And we love love their family so much. When Jen was 5 she had a brain tumor and ,by a miracle, she survived. Because of this brain tumor, Jen had developmental delays and is special needs today. Even though she is handicapped, she is still very high functioning. She works and is a social butterfly. Everywhere she goes in Lubbock, she has friends. Above all, she LOVES Jesus because she knows He saved her from her brain tumor when she was a baby so she could tell others about Him and His love. Well, Jennifer and her family just got the difficult news that she has another brain tumor. It is very aggressive and inoperable. It also has lots of fluid on it so it is causing all sorts of problems, including balance issues as well as impairing her hearing. She is having a shunt put in on friday to try to drain some of the fluid and hopefully relieve her from the symptoms she is now experiencing. We have no idea what the prognosis is...but it is really hard to even think about. This family has been through so so much. I'm asking you to please pray for them. Here are somethings to pray for...
1. For healing in Jennifer. For a miracle!
2. For comfort for her family as they watch her suffer. That they would be able to fall into the arms of the savior and trust Him, again, with the life of their child.
3. For the shunt to relieve her symptoms
4. For wisdom for all the doctors and nurses.
5. That above all God would be glorified through this. That His name would be high and exalted!

I will keep you updated. Thanks for your ear!

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