Wednesday, April 27, 2011

have you missed me?

Hi friends!
Sorry it has been a WEEK since my last post! Longest ever!

I haven't posted this week because I have a hard time writing when I have something else really on my mind. So I just decided to write what it is on my mind....

Last Wednesday I started having a weird pain in my right side and back. As the week went on, it got worse (I was sobbing on Easter morning)...well, I went to the Dr yesterday, and we think its.....Drum roll please.....KIDNEY STONES! I have a ct scan today to confirm. But, lets just say I am in some pretty intense pain. And, I am still working (meaning chasing and lifting 20 lb babies!). So I just havent had much to write about. I am just ready to figure my pain out. This is how bad its been- I had a coveted ticked to Mumford and Sons last night and I sold it! That is pain. So, I am just waiting for my scan this afternoon and to hear back from the Dr. I will let you guys know once I know!

Sorry to be a debbie downer!

Cheers to kidney stones!

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