Wednesday, April 13, 2011

work out routine

Sweet Isabel was pretty excited to have on my headband!

Sweet Caitlin was excited to have on her headband!

Hi friends!
I hope everyone has had a good week so far. I am really excited for it to be over! I am headed to Lubbock for Easter and will be there thursday through sunday of next week and am so excited for a little longer period of time with my family. Especially my niece, Laney. She is just so cute. I am literally surrounded by cuteness everywhere I go! When I'm in Lubbock, Its with Laney, here in austin, my girls are too cute...just always cute little ones. which I love! I will post some really cute pics of Caitlin and Isabel from yesterday. Anyway, next week could not come sooner!
I wanted to update you guys on my exercise routine. I have had a hard time really getting into a consistent routine. Since my hours at work have extended its been hard for me to have time for the gym on week nights and I just have been lazy...but I think I'm in a groove now. Here is my schedule as of late!
Monday-Walk or jog in the AM before work (this is my earliest morning-but better to just get it over with!)
Tuesday-Get up and do Jillian Shred at home
Wedneday-Walk/jog with Sarah Johnson (one of my new old favorite friends in austin!). Our husbands are both in a Bible study on wednesday evening, so Sarah and I have decided to have a town lake date with dinner after from Thundercloud. We both love the veggie sandwich!
Thursday-get up in the AM and do Jillian shred
Friday- Day off!!! (I'm not "intentionally" working out. But with 19 month old twins, I get pleanty of movement!)
Saturday- Yoga at noon at my gym. This is not my biggest calorie burner, but it is just really great. I love the calming music, the fluid motion, the quiet, the stretches..just all around good.
Sunday-Bootcamp weight training with Jay Patterson. I went back this week for round 2. Team, I cannot get enough of this class. I was already seeing improvement this week. I was able to do things I thought would take months for me to have the strength to do. It is just really amazing. We use these TRX straps. They allow you to do strength moves, but your core is ALWAYS engaged. It is so amazing and Jay is just such a great instructor. Again, if you are free on sunday at 3, please give it a shot. I promise you can do it and I promise you will be sore!!! I need to know if you are coming by friday so I can tell jay. This class is not one that can be over 12 people, so spots fill up! It is $10 for an amazing class. Be sure to let me know if you want to try it out!

Anyway, I have realized that I have to have a realistic work out schedule. I cant get up at 5 everyday. That is not realistic. But 6:15 -3 days a week is do-able. I am truly trying to set myself up for success!

How do you maintain your exercise routine? I'd love to hear how you do it!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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